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Meet Dr. Linda Hodges

Following her passion for fitness and weight loss, Dr. Hodges established her micro-practice at Exceptional Health & Weight Loss Solutions in 2015.

Dr. Hodges believes that every patient deserves to be in excellent health and understands that every patient is different – with different needs to achieve success.  

She does not see new patients in the office at this time and has moved her practice to an entirely online-based group-coaching model.  With this model, she is able to reach and influence more people than she ever could working with them 1-on-1 in the clinic.  Her unique program takes into account all body types, health conditions, and lifestyles.  

She doesn’t believe in gimmicks, get-skinny quick programs, or unethical weight loss tactics.  

To see how Dr. Hodges’ program can help you in your weight loss journey, schedule a call with her….if she can’t help, she’ll point you in the right direction!

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