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Information you need for successful, sustained weight loss. No gimmicks. No shortcuts.

Weight Loss The Right Way

Deciding to lose weight may seem like a no-brainer,
but that’s exactly where weight loss needs to start….

The right mindset is essential for weight loss success and Dr. Hodges knows how to get you there.


Weight loss starts with your mind….
not with your behind!

The weight loss information you needed YEARS AGO.


If you are frustrated with multiple failed weight loss attempts and don't understand why it's happening ~ or how to change it ~ the information Dr. Hodges provides is exactly what you need.


By targeting where weight loss should begin ~the mind,
Dr. Hodges takes you through an entire mindset shift
so your next attempt to lose that weight is your LAST attempt.

Meet Dr. Linda Hodges

Following her passion for fitness and weight loss, Dr. Hodges established her micro-practice at Exceptional Health & Weight Loss Solutions in 2015.

Dr. Hodges believes that every patient deserves to be in excellent health. She also understands that every patient is different. That’s why Dr. Hodges offers individualized, group, and online weight loss coaching to help you lose weight in a safe, sustainable way and keep it off.

Linda Hodges, DO

Our Mission is to provide compassionate, individualized, collaborative care to patients that struggle with weight issues that result in compromised health, and to promote overall wellness by encouraging lifestyle changes that are sustainable and result in optimal success.

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