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Meet Board Certified Physician
Dr. Hodges
Specializing in Obesity and Weight Loss Medicine

Compassionate Health and Weight Loss Services

Have you been trying to lose weight but struggle to keep it off? Do you feel like you’ve been trying all the right things but still haven’t lost the weight? Let Dr. Hodges at Exceptional Health & Weight Loss Solutions help you.

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Dr. Hodges is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and her clinic exclusively practices weight-loss medicine.

By using collaborative, personalized methods that are safe and sustainable, you'll receive advice you can trust every time you work with her.

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Meet Dr. Hodges, D.O.

Following her passion for fitness and weight loss, Dr. Hodges established her micro-practice at Exceptional Health & Weight Loss Solutions after finishing her residency in 2008 and a fellowship in 2010.

Dr. Hodges firmly believes that every patient deserves to be in excellent health. She also understands that every patient is different. That’s why Dr. Hodges offers individualized weight loss services that incorporate meal replacements, real food, and medications as indicated. Let Dr. Hodges help you lose the weight in a safe, sustainable way and keep it off. Contact her today to schedule a consultation.

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Our Mission is to provide compassionate, individualized, collaborative care to patients that struggle with weight issues that result in compromised health, and to promote overall wellness by encouraging lifestyle changes that are sustainable and result in optimal success.

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