Let me ask you a question – have you EVER made a decision that effected your entire life (for the rest of your life) without doing careful research?  


Then why in the world would you commit to an eating program (which should be a life-long commitment) without really determining if it’s right for you?  

Now Enrolling!! ~
My Intense, Online Program!

If you relate to any of the following – this program is for you:

  • You follow food/diet recomendations from your doctor or dietician precisely, but have not lost weight…or you actually gained weight resulting in repeated frustration​
  • You return to your provider, only to be told you must have not been working that hard or not following directions because you’ve not lost any weight
  • ​You’ve been accused of not being honest with your provider about what you are eating – but you WERE honest
  • ​You’ve been going strong on a weight loss plan and  suddenly stopped losing weight
  • ​You gain weight instantly when you exercise
  • ​You can stay 100% on track when your routine is stable, but completely crumble during special situations like family gatherings, holidays, or pot-lucks
  • You find weight loss or maintenance to be increasingly difficult as you age
  • You get the feeling that things just aren’t fair when it comes to weight loss
  • You feel it’s your own fault that you can’t lose weight
  • You feel significant anxiety when stepping on the scale
  • You spend excessive time researching weight loss, or reading articles about how to lose weight
  • You lose weight, only to regain back more than you lost – and you’ve repeated this cycle several times
  • You’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on diets, programs, and supplements

Not like the others.....

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 My new, intensive 8-week program covers everything you need to prepare for your next weight loss endeavor. 

Imagine a life where….

You can stop endless hours of cardio

You can reduce the anxiety you feel in situations involving food

You can learn a whole new way that makes weight loss seem effortless

You can stop living by the number on the scale

You can finally stop being angry at yourself for “failing” a diet

You can stop comparing yourself to others

Want to know a bit more about me before you schedule your call?

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Why is a program consult required?  Because I am choosy about who I work with. 

 The consult is to determine (most importantly) if I can help you.  But, it’s also to see if we are a good, collaborative fit.  

The online program includes:

  • weekly video modules/lessons
  • weekly action plans with accountability by ME and others in the group
  • weekly group coaching calls
  • a private facebook group exclusively for those in the program
  • this program is equivalent to spending 6-8 months with me in the clinic!  

Based on the ebook (also available on Amazon/Kindle!), this program will cover what is generally covered over 6-8 months in my clinic.  

Using a combination of videos, conferences, personalized coaching, homework (yes, I said homework!), and self-reflection ~ you will be way ahead of the game when you embark upon that next attempt to shed pounds.  

Let me show you how to do it RIGHT...So you don't have to do it OVER. ~Dr. Hodges

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