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Can you be my primary doctor?

No, unfortunately, I do not see primary care patients at this time. I am putting all my efforts into helping patients reduce their weight and only health issues that may be weight-related.

What insurance do you accept?

At this time, I do not accept any insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. This was a difficult decision to make. However, my care is focused on quality, not quantity. I’d rather spend my time with my patients than spend it on coding/billing and filing claims.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The clinic accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. Payment is due at the time of the service. Your flex spending account may cover services as well.   Specifically for SculpSure treatments, we accept Care Credit

Do you accept adolescent patients?

At this time, Dr. Hodges is not accepting new patients.

Do I need a referral to come for a visit?

At this time, Dr. Hodges is not accepting new patients.

How will my primary care physician know what is going on with the program?

After your consultation, I will send your PCP a detailed note of what you and I decide on regarding treatment. I will keep your doctor notified of any changes in your medications that may be necessary. I will also communicate with your PCP regarding alternative medications that may be an option, if something he or she has prescribed may be interfering with weight loss. Bottom line – I want a collaborative relationship with your PCP. Our goal is a healthy YOU.

I’m totally on board. My spouse/significant other isn’t.

That’s a tough one. Change is scary sometimes. Bring your spouse in for your visits! I hope to alter your lifestyle (for the better!), so it will involve him or her!

How much weight can I expect to lose?

There are a lot of factors that go into that one! During the consultation process, we will discuss goals and expectations. You and I need to be on the same page for this to be successful. Remember, the goal isn’t to be in a bikini by summer. The goal is to reduce your cardio-metabolic risk factors.

What about exercise?

Wow! Another big factor! While exercise is always encouraged, we will begin by talking about ways to MOVE. I’m not going to put you on a marathon training schedule on our first visit. We will focus on food and eating primarily, but exercise will be discussed as well. Heck, we may even go for a walk while we talk!

Are you always going to advise carb cutting?

Yes and no, I don’t know too many people who couldn’t benefit from cutting some carbohydrates from their diet. Do I encourage “low-carb” for everyone? No. The standard American diet consists roughly of 300-400 grams of carbs per day. That’s high! So, yes, I will likely look at your carbohydrate intake and discuss it with you. But, no, I don’t uniformly encourage everyone to go ultra-low on carbs. Remember, this is an individualized approach!

What should I wear to my visit?

At your consultation, please wear loose-fitting clothes. I will perform a full medical exam. At follow-up visits, I will need to be able to do a focused exam of your heart and lungs.

Do I need labs?

Yes. Laboratory evaluation is an important part of knowing what route to take with weight loss. You may bring in labs from another provider as long as they are not over 3 months old. A full comprehensive work-up will include a CBC (complete blood count), metabolic panel, liver function tests, cholesterol, thyroid function studies, and possibly other labs depending on your situation.  Lab costs are always the responsibility of the patient.  Please check with your insurance company if you are concerned about what may, or may not, be covered.

What if I need to purchase more products?

Obtaining more products can only be done through the clinic. Our meal replacements are medical grade and can only be obtained from a physician. Plus, we just like to see you!  We also have an online store, giving you the convenience of being able to order from your own home.

Do you perform weight loss surgery?

No, I am a medical weight loss specialist. However, if surgery is deemed appropriate, we have a couple of options for referrals.

Can you tell me about your meal replacements?

I currently use Bariatrix as a supplier for meal replacements. After researching, I was most comfortable with the ingredient lists and their products were favored over others for taste.  I also offer a couple of products from the Bariatrix line of supplements.

Do you recommend and sell supplements?

Yes. Although, again, this will depend on the individual. You have my word that I will never recommend or sell you something I truly don’t think will be beneficial. Please know that I absolutely HATE taking pills, so I am very conscious of how many medications one must take.

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