For the past 10 years, I’ve had a garden.  I usually do raised beds with tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and other vegetables.  I also do some herbs and spices…along with chamomile.

Why do I garden?

It’s certainly not because I’m awesome at it!  In fact, last year, I lost my entire tomato crop to some sort of fungus, which is making me wonder if I want to plant again as the risk of the same fungus affecting this year’s plants is pretty high.

It’s certainly not because it feeds my family – because, truth be told, I’m pretty much the only one who eats the stuff.  My daughter will eat tomatoes and my son love garden carrots.  But I’m the only one who likes the rest of it.

It’s certainly not because I have an abundance of time on my hands during the summer months and I just have to come up with a way to spend it.  Ha!  I wish!

It’s certainly not because it saves me money.  By the time I buy the plants and have my tomato plants attacked by fungus, have my zucchini plants attached by squash bugs…the yield is pretty low overall.  No money saved, really.

I’m in love with the process

I garden because I love the process of gardening.  I love watching things change and grow.  And….at the end of a very long, hot summer I get to have the fruits of my labor on my dinner table.

Cucumber vines attaching themselves to the supports. Nature is so cool!

I garden because it’s something my husband and I do together.  He eats nearly nothing from the garden!  Yet, he’s right beside me picking weeds and making sure we get the tomatoes out of there before it’s too late.  He also reports the first sign of critters, or anything else, that may be attacking my beloved plants.

I garden because my children are watching….they learn where real food comes from and how to grow and harvest it.

What has gardening taught me?

Gardening has taught me PATIENCE for what is possible if enough care and planning is put into something.


It’s taught me that it takes a long time, and a lot of work, for the final result to be worthy.

I’ve learned there is always next year….if a fungus attacks my tomato plants.  And, that I may need to do some research to find out how to prevent, or deal with, it if it happens again.  (Fingers crossed it doesn’t!!)

I can pretty much count on the fact that I’m going to be quite sick of the garden by mid July.  That the sweaty, sticky mess I become in the back yard most evenings will become something I dread but find oddly satisfying.

Why am I telling you any of this??

Because, like gardening, the weight loss journey is one of love/hate.

There will be times you are motivated and nothing can stop you.  But, there will also be times when a fungus attacks your tomato plants and you have to pull the entire crop.  There will be others who won’t eat vegetables from your garden and you must tend to it by yourself….drawing support from the simple fact that you are doing something great for yourself.

You will put in weeks to months of work for very slow, if any, yield.  Watching the plants slowly sprout and grow daily over the summer months, you’ll wonder what kind of success you’ll have when they start to produce.

There will most certainly be times when you must drag yourself off the couch to go pick weeds, or do some watering.  But, you make yourself…knowing that the end result will be worth it.

Finally, there will be times when you are ready to till it all under and just be done with it.  The effort it takes to maintain, even WHEN producing great fruits and vegetables, can become overwhelming and you just want it to be OVER.  Yet….you persist until the end of the season.

In the end…

In the end, the most important thing to know about gardening is how long it takes to get the results you want.  For example, even if you plant tulip bulbs, you will wait an entire YEAR to see those tulips bloom year after year.  For whatever reason, you are patient and understand the process.

If you grow a vegetable garden, you will wait months for most of your vegetables to produce something that you can actually eat.  Yet, you forge on – you put in the time preparing the soil, watering, weeding, pruning, etc.  You UNDERSTAND there’s a process involved to get the RESULT you want.

If you garden, you KNOW the fruit (the thing you want the most) comes at the END of the work.  You also know that to keep GETTING that fruit, you must continue to take care of that plant.  You don’t just pick tomatoes once and call it done.  Day after day, you do what it takes for that plant to keep producing for you.  You are A-OK putting in the time and effort to get the results what you want….knowing they are NOT immediate….but come after weeks to months.

By this time…..

It’s probably obvious what I’m trying to do here.

Everywhere I look, I try to see parallels between what we do in life and the weight loss journey.  What lessons can we learn?  What skills that we already KNOW, or already DO, can be applied to our efforts to lose weight?

Friends, this is what I try to do – show you that weight loss doesn’t have to be anything that starts from scratch.

I guarantee we all have things within our lives, like gardening, that require many of the exact same skills it takes to be successful at weight loss.  And, remember, that has nothing to do with “you didn’t tell me what to eat.”

It has to do with routines…habits…mindset!

It’s all about how you LOOK at the task at hand.

If you’re ready….

If you’re ready to learn more about what skills you already have that can help you with your weight loss journey – book a call with me.  If I can’t help you, I’ll try my best to point you in the right direction.

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Weight loss

If you’ve been thinking that you need to lose some weight, you’re not alone. Whether your motivation is due to pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or you’d like to feel more confident, there are many ways people try to lose weight.

Have you tried several weight loss programs before but ended up falling off the wagon? If you’ve been diagnosed with obesity, and haven’t had much success with diets before, you might consider following a customized weight loss program this time around.

A medically supervised program can be the difference between gaining the weight back and keeping it off forever. Below are six ways a medically supervised weight program can make all the difference.

1. Customized medical advice

With a medically supervised weight loss program, you’ll start your weight loss journey by having a certified medical professional evaluating your current medical condition, the food you eat, and your exercise routine. Your doctor will then create a comprehensive plan that’s targeted for your body’s specific needs.

Are you concerned that you’ll have to give up your favorite foods? Whether your doctor recommends a low calorie diet, a very low calorie diet, or otherwise, they should be able to assist you in making better use of your daily calorie allowance while including some of your favorite indulgences.

An additional benefit of a medically supervised weight loss program is that you’ll never have to guess if anything is detrimental to your health. Some standardized exercise routines may be too strenuous for your body, as well as some diet programs. Since everything is catered to your body’s needs, you won’t have to worry that you’re putting yourself at risk.

2. A diet plan suited to your needs

Instead of following video instructions or a bland diet manual, you’ll receive personalized advice that examines weight loss strategies that will help only you. This means that during the meal planning portion of your program, you’ll receive advice for including your favorite foods. You’ll also receive advice on healthy food preparation and strategies for making the most out of your time and daily calorie intake.

3. An exercise regimen designed for your needs

When establishing your personalized weight loss program, your physician will help you determine the best workout routine for your body. This will be based on your current abilities as well as your diet. Because your doctor will be familiar with any past injuries, joint concerns, and ability level, you can rest assured that you’ll begin to see results without feeling like you’re overdoing it.

4. Comprehensive medical assessment

One of the best things about a medically supervised weight loss program is that you don’t have to guess. In reality, you won’t be making decisions that could be harmful to your health because your physician will recommend everything. Before you start your program, your doctor will screen you for any pre-existing conditions you might not be aware of, such as pre-hypertension. You will then be given a dietary plan and workout regimen based on your current abilities and fitness level.

5. You’ll form healthy habits on your terms

When beginning any weight loss program, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Perhaps you found it difficult to eat certain foods in moderation before or you were too strict with your food selections. The fact remains that implementing any lifestyle change can become daunting, so having the support of a certified professional who has your best interest in mind will help.

6. Healthy results

The biggest payoff for your medically supervised weight loss program will be the results you can see and feel. Though some extreme plans may help you lose weight very quickly, you may end up gaining it back once you wean yourself off the program. When making a lifestyle change assisted by a weight loss professional, you’ll see the results in a healthy and timely manner.


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