Hi all!  It’s been a while since my last post.  Getting the online program launched was my top priority, so writing got put on the back burner for a while!  That being said….LOTS to catch up on!

Remember I signed up with an online trainer?

You may recall my post a while back about how I realized I was not practicing what I preach?  I found myself not following my own advice and was living with an overall feeling of just not being proud of myself.  Night shifts, clinics, book-writing, and program-planning….it all takes a toll.  And I’d not been very good at taking care of myself for a good, long while.  Admitting that was pretty hard – and showing you the photos is hard too.  I’ve been “fit” as long as I can remember, but I was a very overweight child.

I’m so glad I got my sh*t together and admitted to myself that I needed help…badly!  Below are my 90-day pics of my progress.  NINETY days!  The one thing I want you to understand about these pics is the fact that this represents “only” a NINE pound weight loss!

I know….nine pounds in 3 months isn’t much.  And, to many people it wouldn’t even be worth the effort.  BUT…my body composition shows a FAT LOSS of nearly 12 lbs and a MUSCLE GAIN of 3 lbs.

What’s my point?  Pretty much the same point I always make – the scale number is so limited!  I couldn’t be more pleased with my nine-pound loss!  I’d also like to mention that the “after” pic is AFTER my being out of town nearly 2 weeks.  While I did have some activity – it wasn’t what my normal amount of activity has become.  Why is this important??

Because putting on muscle mass helps you MAINTAIN weight loss – been during times of inactivity or stress.


My 20th Anniversary

Aside from the online program taking up a lot of time, I was also able to leave town to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary.  We’d never been on a vacation without kids before, so this was a huge treat for us!

We chose the Abaco Islands as our destination – quick to get to, ocean, and won’t break the bank!  The Abacos are in the Bahamas and considered “out-islands.”  We rented a boat, did lots of fishing and kayaking.  It was such a wonderful getaway for just the two of us!

Right before our trip, I had a business conference in Los Angelas, California.  So, I was gone a total of nearly 2 weeks.  Again…blogs and postings got the back-burner.  No guilt there though!


Online Program Launch!!

The final thing to catch you up on is the launch of my new online program.  Whew!  Finally out there!  Launch was April 1st and our first group coaching call was April 3rd.

I know I’ve been telling you about the program for a couple of months now, but I wanted to share the live outline with you!  You can also go to the website and watch a few intro videos.

The program has “rolling enrollment” – which means you can start any time.  To have a 1-hour free consult to discuss whether this may be a good fit for you, please visit the online calendar to schedule.

That’s all folks!

I look forward to life slowing down a bit and giving you more consistent, valuable content!