Did you know there are 4 things you’ve probably NEVER THOUGHT OF that can rapidly destroy your weight loss efforts?   Yep – sure enough…just when things are going well these things can sneak up and you are suddenly fighting for your dieting life.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t use the phrase “sneak up”…because all of these are things we actually invite into our lives.  We simply may not realize their impact in our lives.

Your Diet is Not Only What You Eat

I’m talking about general CONSUMPTION…not what we eat per say, but all the things we consume as humans in today’s society.   In other words, what we allow our energy to be spent on and where we place our attention.

We are bombarded with nonstop INPUT from all directions nowadays.  Our subconscious minds are constantly trying to filter out what’s important and what isn’t.  Yet, we tend to focus on topics that are relevant to our lives at this moment.

So, here are 4 things that can sabotage your weight loss efforts before you even realize it.

1. What You Watch

What are you allowing yourself to watch?  Are you stopping to watch the gooey goodness on that Facebook video highlighting double chocolate brownies?  Do you find yourself drawn to IG photos of people with body types you’ll never have (…genetics!).

Being mindful of the video content we are exposed to is extremely important….video is THE way to get a message across nowadays!  Why is it so popular??  Because it works!

Look at who you follow on social media – if you find you are constantly exposed to negativity, violence, sub-optimal foods, etc – maybe consider an “unfollow” here or there.  The same is true for the programs you choose to watch….  If you are left feeling lonely, empty, or depressed after watching a program or movie – maybe opt for comedies, documentaries, etc.

2. What You Hear

Did you hear about Sally?  She lost 30 lbs in a month and did literally nothing except eat lettuce topped with ice cubes.  She’s the happiest she’s been in years and feels great!  Obviously, you should do exactly what Sally did!

The ability to filter out BS comes with age and experience – but, to avoid exposing oneself to worthless content we must fine-tune that skill!  People will pay attention to whatever is an emotional topic in their lives at the moment.  For example – want to lose weight?  You’ll subconsciously pay attention to anything you hear about weight loss. It’s just how we work.  Another example – if you discover a car you think you may like, you suddenly notice them everywhere.  You’ll fixate on that car and turn your attention to it every time you see one on the road.  That car will consume your attention and energy even if it’s a complete LEMON!

Recognizing when a conversation has no value to you, and could actually cause you harm, is a powerful skill.  Being able to tune-out the static and focus on what really hits our ears is essential to avoiding content that does nothing more than use up our precious, limited energy!

3. What You Read

When I was traveling a lot for work, I always had to have something to read or watch on the plane.  One afternoon, I was looking for something to read in an airport shop and was browsing the magazines.

I took a step back, suddenly realizing that there wasn’t one single thing on that magazine display that would bring me any sort of joy.  In fact, every one would likely leave me with more thoughts of how I wasn’t good enough, thin enough, or rich enough.  I’ve not bought a magazine since!

Given we have this little do-hickey called the “internet”…we can read about any topic under the sun any time we want.  We can search a topic and read countless articles until we find one on page 43 that tells us what we want to hear.  All the while, we’ve spent time and valuable energy consuming information that likely has very little value – if it’s not straight up harmful!

4. Who We Hang Around

I’ve always said there are two kinds of people:  Energy Givers and Energy Suckers.  Are you hanging out with people who make you feel energized and vibrant?  Or, are you finding yourself exhausted and spent after socializing with certain people because they’ve sucked the life out of you?

Obviously, we can’t just get rid of everyone that may provoke some negative feelings in us.  Chances are, those are people we love and we simply have to learn how to set boundaries.  But, if you seem to keep having to explain over and over to your friends why hitting Dunkin’ Donuts in the mornings isn’t great for your weight loss plan – yet they aren’t willing to try a new place – maybe it’s time to reconsider your people or your routines.

It is incredibly common for people who undergo major life changes, including getting healthy, to be forced to find new friends and hangouts.  If your friends or loved ones aren’t willing to grow with you and the changes you need to make for your health – these relationships need to be reconsidered.  Or, at the very least, they need to be limited to specific times and places.

Your Diet is Not Only What You Eat

Your “diet” is the sum of all that you consume – physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally.

Taking a good, hard look at the content and influences surrounding you is a great way to find hidden motivation, time, and energy thieves.  Be mindful of the content you invite into your life – and we truly do INVITE these things into our lives if we are not eliminating them.  We all have only 24 hours in the day and we have a finite amount of energy. Protecting those valuable assets is essential to have the time and energy required for your priorities and success.

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